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Walk Into Your Purpose

Remove the fear! Remove the doubt! Let go and let God! God has a plan for you to become prosperous and successful, and if you let Him lead, He will not fail you! You are called for greatness! You are called to higher dimensions! Do not let the lies of the devil take root! Walk into your purpose, let your light shine so the world can see who you are! You are a child of a king, you were known and set apart before you were in your mother's womb! You were uniquely and wonderfully made, you are ROYALTY! Walk into your purpose! You were given that gift for a reason. That anointing on you is there for a reason. You were given that business for a reason. Yes there is someone out there doing the same, but your gift, your anointing, your business will be different, unique, like no one else's and it will prosper! What is for you, IS FOR YOU! You do not have to compare yourself to others! God has a plan and purpose for all of His children who trust in Him and allow Him to lead. If He has …

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